What are the Objectives of Soil Testing

What are the Objectives of Soil Testing?

Many people wonder, what are the objectives of soil testing? Knowing your soil type and its properties is a key step to having healthy plants.  Testing your soil gives you an insight into the characteristics of your soil and informs the decisions you take in improving it if need be.  Some of the properties can […]

Are home soil test kits accurate

Are Home Soil Test Kits Accurate?

Knowing the composition of your soil is very important. Today more and more people are venturing into gardening without testing their soil. Some of the questions that people ask include; “are home soil test kits accurate?” “how much do kits cost”, “Where can I buy the soil testing kits” etc. Don’t worry we are here […]

What Are The Benefits Of Soil Testing?

The earth is very vast, stretching millions of kilometers. This means that there are significant differences in climate, animals, vegetation, and even human beings from one region to the other. With such diversity, it is only logical to assume that soils as well differ from place to place. Factors such as crops grown and fertilizers […]