backyard healing herbs review

Backyard Healing Herbs Review

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Backyard Healing Herbs Review– How does it work? Does it really heal diseases? How to use Backyard Healing Herbs? You will find the answers to all your questions here.

Product Name– Backyard Healing Herbs

Authors– Mary Swanson & Donna Nicholson

Official Website–

backyard healing herbs review

Being sick is a part of life since time immemorial. Everybody gets sick at one point or another, and in a lot of cases, people succumb to these sicknesses. The number of chronic diseases keeps increasing by the day, and once you hit a certain age, you become prone to them. Unfortunately, this age keeps decreasing as days go by, and right at this moment, at 35 you should start paying more visits to your doctor.

It is normal in an American family for a family to be on several prescriptions at any given time.  The father could have high blood pressure, the mother, high cholesterol, and the children could be suffering from one condition or another. 

As we all know, Rx meds and OTC pills are all chemicals, and like all chemicals consumed into the body, they come with side effects. Also, it is expensive to be dependant on prescriptions for the rest of your life, not to mention overwhelming. 

Most of these prescriptions do not promise to heal; rather, they control your condition just to stay alive for as long as they are effective. There must be a better alternative; you may lament. Luckily, there is. Backyard Healing Herbs, as written and illustrated by Mary Swanson and Donna Nicholson, is a perfect alternative.

What is Backyard Healing Herbs?

Backyard Healing Herbs are traditional forms of medicine that can heal a wide range of chronic diseases and other conditions. These herbs are natural remedies that you can plant in your yard.

They are about 150 years old as they were ‘discovered’ in the 1800s by the grandfather of Mary Swanson, one of the guide’s contributors, as he worked as a doctor in merchant ships. 

Mary’s grandfather would collect herbs and remedies from ports of different countries that they visited, and eventually, created a system that he recorded in a notebook. Mary was fortunate enough to inherit that notebook. 

She made use of the information therein by growing the herbs in her backyard and using them for medicinal purposes as well as selling them. The latter is how Donna and Mary became acquainted.

backyard healing herbs review

Backyard healing herbs, as the two coined the remedies and concoctions, can heal a wide range of chronic diseases such as heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic joint pains, memory loss, erratic blood sugar, obesity, and thyroid problems to mention just a few.

 They also come in handy when dealing with stress, sleeplessness, allergies, and even appetite problems. The secret is in knowing what herb to mix with what ingredients and in what quantities. In the book Backyard Healing Herbs, Mary Swanson and Donna Nicholson have that covered for you. 

They have made it very easy to follow through the gardening steps and the different ways in which you could use the herbs to make some simple yet powerful medicine for yourself and your family. This guide will have you saying goodbye to your five different Rx and OTC medicines.

Benefits of Backyard Healing Herbs

backyard healing herbs review

  • These herbs will replace chemical-based OTC meds that may be harmful to you in the long-run for starters. Being natural, they have little to no side-effects and, if anything, may cure more than one problem at a time.
  • They are easy to grow and maintain. You do not need a big garden to grow these herbs- your backyard or kitchen garden will be enough. Besides, through their guide, Mary and Donna will guide you through the whole process.
  • Their results are more pronounced than those of most OTC medicines. These healing herbs bear results within a conveniently short period, at times, even overnight. All you need is to follow the recipes as instructed and illustrated by Mary and Donna in the guide book.
  • Growing the herbs in your backyard is economical as it is way cheaper compared to buying prescription drugs. Also, doctor visits are reduced, which in turn saves you a significant amount over time.


1. Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans.

2. Wild Edibles.

3. Veggies You Can Grow in Your Backyard for Self-Sufficiency.

4. The Shoe Box Garden.



    • The guide provides you with step-to-step instructions on how to grow your own garden.
    • The guide is available at an affordable price.
    • The methods in the guide are safe to practice in everyday life.
    • Owning the book will enable you to save lives and improve the quality of life.
    • This book offers a 60-day refund policy that promotes security to your investment.


    • You need to research before using some of the herbs as they may not be
      suitable for you.

Backyard Healing Herbs Survival


If you want to take control of the quality of your life and your loved ones, it is highly recommended that you invest in Backyard Healing Herbs. Its worth is way beyond the amount of money you will spend on it.

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